Fix: Brother Printer Offline Issue

Brother Printer offline is a common but remarkable problem. Let’s suppose that you have to Print something very important, But at that time, your Brother Printer says offline, and your Brother printer denies printing. Offline Printer is an irritating problem, but it becomes riotous when Brother Printer keeps going offline. It doesn’t matter how techie you are, but it is guaranteed that you can bring your printer back from Offline Brother Printer to Online. Today in this article, we will discuss how the Brother printer offline fix & Why is my Brother Printer keeps going Offline.

Brother Printer Offline to Online

Brother printer is an advanced printer manufacturing company which manufactured in Japanese. Brother printer is the Second most selling printer brand In the United States (US). If you recently purchased a Brother Printer and it keeps going offline, there is no need to panic because this happens with any other expensive printer brand.

To get rid of this problem please be with us for entire article. We will discuss each and every point view of “Brother Printer Offline

So, we suggest you understand why the Printer Offline issue arises, and we also tell you how to resolve this problem of Brother Printer continuing to go offline. If you are comfortable talking over the phone with our experienced printer technician, then feel free to contact our technician, and also, we are available 24 x 7. But before moving on to any other topic, make sure your printer is suffering from Brother Printer Offline, not from any other issue. To know this problem first, you have to check our printer status. Let me tell you this in detail.

Brother Printer keeps going offline

Then, follow the given checklist to detect Printer Offline Problem-

  1. First of all, make sure that your printer is POWER ON.

  2. Make sure that your printer should not be in Deep Sleep Mode.

  3. Ensure that your printers don’t have any other issues like Empty Ink cartridges, Paper Jam, and Low Ink.

  4. Then, verify that the printer is connected to the PC correctly.

  5. And, check the USB cable. In some cases, a loose USB cable causes the Brother Printer Offline Issue (this is a common problem).

  6. If your USB cable has any defect, please use the wireless method to connect the printer to the PC.

  7. Verify that Brother Printer is in a default printing device.

Brother Printer Offline Fix

Check that if your Brother Printer is offline.

  1. If your Brother Printer is offline, therefore, you have to check the issue. To check the problem, go to the printer’s option.

  2. Then, go to the Printer option and choose your printer, and right-click on your printer.

  3. Now, go to the “See what’s printing” from all the possibilities.

  4. In this window, click on the printer, which is offline.

  5. Now, select “Use Printer Online.”

Now, as we all know that the cause of the problem, please help us troubleshoot quickly, the primary reasons behind the Brother Printer offline are here.

Why is my Brother Printer offline?

There are many reasons behind the Brother Printer Offline problem, but the common reason is your printer is not correctly connected to a PC via USB or Wi-Fi. Some other small reasons can also cause an offline printer problem. Such as a low-ink cartridge, the printer is not clean, or it may not be adequately serviced, or the printer may be paused, or you have not set your brother printer as the default printer (common problem).

You can troubleshoot “Printer is paused” or set “Brother Printer as default” by looking at the instructions given in the below article.

Brother Printer offline support

Brother Printer Offline Fix

Is your Brother Printer keeps going Offline? Therefore, you need not be afraid. An offline printer cannot communicate with a PC, so it doesn’t allow the user to print or scan anything whatever you want. As we discussed in the article, there are many causes for Brother Printer keeps going offline issues. Now, for Brother Printer Offline Fix, we have to find the problem’s contingency then apply steps according to it.

If your Printer is in a paused state, then remove it from the paused state. To make your Brother printer online, you have to delete previous commands you are using to print. First, please set your Brother Printer as the default printer. There is many another way to remove the Printer keeps going Offline Problem. If you are still not getting rid of it, then pick up your phone and dial our customer support phone number. Our Printer technician will help you out with all kinds of printer errors.

Most rarely, there is a faulty driver issue responsible for the Brother Printer Offline problem. Get confirmed that you have installed the right drivers, and ensure that they are updated.

Brother Printer offline fix windows 10

Brother Printer Offline Windows 10

Here, we are going to fix Brother Printer keeps going Offline Problem on a Windows computer. If you are using a Windows computer, then follow these steps for Brother Printer Offline Fix.

Brother Printer Offline fix windows 10.

  1. First of all, type “Printer & Scanners” on the search bar (left bottom corner of the screen or windows button on the left bottom corner of the keyboard).

  2. Now click on the Brother Printer Model Name which you are using now.

  3. Press on “Open Queue.

  4. And, another window will appear on the computer’s screen. Then, from the top of the window, press on the Printers option.

  5. And remove the checkmark from the “Use Printer Offline” option. If checked, then ignore.

  6. Please check that your printer started printing or not.

  7. If still not, then turn off your printer and pc. Disconnect the USB cable also.

  8. And reconnect your printer with the USB correctly and turn ON your printer and computer.

To need help in Brother Printer keeps going offline talk to our technician and hurray our technician is also now available over call, you can also fix your problem over call with our expert technician.

Brother Printer connects to Wi-Fi but the Brother Printer is still going Offline.

First, confirm that the brother printer has any other errors or not. If there is an error, then follow the given step –

  1. First of all, turn your printer’s power ON and make sure it was out of sleep mode. If not, then check out another article on how to get out of deep sleep mode. And, check the USB cable also.

  2. Look at the display to check errors. See the screen’s message; it may be: “Paper Jam” or “Ink/Toner Empty” or “ink cartridge.” If you have any other message rather than this, such as your “Printer is Offline,” then fix the given issue. We also offer you on-call guidance for all issues of Brother Printer.

Bring Brother Printer Offline to Online on Mac

Sometimes printers go offline because of outdated drivers. You can download reliable and working from the Brother Printer Official Website.

Brother Printer Offline

Fix Brother Printer Offline issue on Mac

There are some simple steps to troubleshoot your Brother Printer offline issue on MAC; 

follow the given step.

  1. First, make sure the Paper loading tray has enough papers.

  2. And, check paper jam if it is then clear it.

  3. Ensure that the printer is not tackling any other malfunction.

Ensure that the printer should be in the excellent range of your Wi-Fi router.

  1. If you own a wired printer, make sure the USB is seated correctly in USB Ports. Also, check if your system is recognizing your printer or not.

  2. Check the Printing queue and delete them all. (If Any)

  3.  Ensure you have reliable, updated drivers.

Advanced Steps to fix Brother Printer Offline on Mac-

It is suggested to get an expert’s help if the steps mentioned above didn’t work, give us a call on given numbers and let our experts help you out. Anyway, there are some more hard steps that you should try. Like:

  • Set Brother Printer as a Default Printer in Your Computer.

Apple Menu > System Preferences > Printer and Scanners.

Check, If your printer is the default printer or not. If not, then select the “Set as Default” option to make it your default printer.

  • Verify Printer Status.

Apple Menu > System Preferences > Printer and Scanners > Select Brother Printer’s icon > Open Print Queue

Check printer status in the top menu bar. To resume, click on the “Resume” Icon.

  • Uninstall & Reinstall Brother Printer.

Apple Menu > System Preferences > Printer and Scanners > Click on the (-) button

> Wait 1-2 Minutes > Click on (+) sign to add the printer again.

  • Reset Mac Printing System.

Apple Menu > System Preferences > Printer and Scanners > Right Click at space below

printer`s name list > Choose at “Reset Printing System” > You need to reinstall your


Thanks for reading our article. We hope this article may help you with your Brother Printer Offline problem. For any further help with Brother Printer, talk our customer support to resolve over call or naturally we are available 24 x 7 so feel free to contact any time.